Mantras To Start The Day For Healthy and Successful People

1Why Mantras To Start The Day?

“Mantras to start the day are an extremely important ritual because they set the tone for the day, in whichever direction you’d like to guide it. So you can imagine that if you start your day with negative thoughts, stress, frustration, that is how your day will progress-in negativity, stress and frustration, because this is how you have primed your brain.” – Pax Tandon, Positive Psychology Expert, Wellness Coach and Editor of

According to Forbes, studies show that simple mindfulness meditation, produces positive benefits.These come from repeating a mantra over and over day after day. This can reduce stress, improve mental focus, and actually fight against aging. It’s not surprising that a great number of successful people begin their day with a morning routine which includes mantras. Following are a few suggestions to give you some ideas concerning what you should be telling yourself each morning.  Mantras to start of their day for healthy and successful people: