Gambling Addiction Resource Guide

Gambling Addiction Resource GuideDo you have a problem with gambling? Are you suffering from gambling addiction? Is your life being negatively affected by a gambler?

“… recent research reveals that in America, approximately 2.5 million adults suffer from compulsive gambling, about 3 million are considered problem gamblers, around 15 million adults are under the risk of becoming problem gamblers and 148 million fall under the low risk gambler category.” – source:

Below the infographic is a resource guide for gamblers and those people in their lives who are suffering the affects along with the gambler:

gambling addiction statistics us
Gambling Addiction Statistics – Source:

Gambling Addiction Resources

Gambling Addiction Resources National Council on Problem Gambling (NCPG) – This FAQ page looks into issues like “Isn’t problem gambling just a financial problem?” or “what kinds of people become problem gamblers?”. These and many more questions are looked into. Same website but this page links you to a directory of national certified gambling counselors – This is the official website featuring a meeting directory for both U.S. and international meetings. Gam-Anon is a 12 Step self-help group program for people who have been affected by the gambling problem created by others in their lives. – Not sure you have a gambling problem? Take a self-assessment test to find out. It’s simple and quick.

Problem gambling hotline – 1-800-GAMBLER (426-2537) – Call 24/7/365. If  are concerned that yourself or someone you know might have a gambling problem the call is free. You will talk to a master level counselor who will give you a hand with finding help in your local area. “You don’t want to continue to gamble your future away. Seek help now!”

Gamblers Anonymous – Free for anyone to join. The only requirement is a desire to stop gambling. GAMBLERS ANONYMOUS is a fellowship of men and women who share their experience, strength and hope with each other that they may solve their common problem and help others to recover from a gambling problem.”

This is a 12 Step Program said to be based on ancient spiritual principles and rooted in sound medical therapy. The best recommendation for the program is the fact that “it works.”