Curation Policy

At we strive to bring excellent content to our readers. In that spirit we frequently curate or excerpt good, well-written, and highly relevant content from other quality sources on the internet.

Choosing to excerpt content from your website is our vote of confidence in you. We also highly recommend and encourage our readers to visit your website with a direct link back to your source material. Our curation strategy setup to send visitors to your excellent content.

If you do not want us to curate content from your website, contact us and request your story be deleted and we will comply as quickly as possible.

That being said, most publishers and website owners appreciate the additional exposure and possible extra traffic to their web property as a result of our curation; being quoted, commented on, linked to, shared on social media, etc.

Feel free to excerpt stories you like on our website. Please give credit and a link back to the source page of the article. Take as much of our content as you think your readers will benefit from.

“Fair use” standards and practices and related legal decisions are evolving online. But we believe the standards we set for ourselves are above those considered Fair Use.

If you’re a copyright owner & would like material removed from our site, please read our DMCA (Digital Millennium Copyright Act) policy and takedown procedure.