Alien Signal Detected From Deep Space: What Does It Mean?

the truth is maybe out there everyone a team from the search for extraterrestrial intelligence otherwise known as steady the official group of international astronomers looking for aliens has launched an investigation into a potential alien signal coming from deep space that is not a joke that’s true no this is actually happening the mysterious signal was made public in a just published paper by a group of researchers researchers even out of Russia which was then distributed by a chief city astronomer who calls it a strong candidate the discoverers are also saying that the signal is significant enough to recommend permanent monitoring of the targets what study now officially on the case these signal is making tons of headlines all over the internet claiming that this might be the one but as for whether or not we’re on the brink of paying homage to our new alien overlords well that part is up for some mega debate there are a number of reasons why this new signal is being given some interesting wait certainly enough wait to spark SETI’s interest in monitoring but there are plenty more reasons why this probably doesn’t amount to much because let’s be honest we’ve all been burned by this type of thing before or twice or three times there’s always aliens and they’re always not aliens I never thought I could love again but there’s always hope this super special signal was found by Russian Academy of Science operated right 10600 a radio telescope in May 2015 for some whacky reason they decided not to share this with the international community of astronomers and it said opted to wait until the paper they started distributing in the last week how hard was it to keep that secret and we get random radio signals from space all the time because space is weird and full of celestial bodies blasting out electromagnetic energy but this particular signal was a peculiar radio wave that gave them cause to think it was artificial due to its strength and its high frequency the signal also loves long walks across the beach and makes its way to us from a star known as well it’s a very pretty name HD one six four five nine five Oh romantic yes we’ve got for now we’ll just call it Haiti yeah it’s also 95 light years away so you know it’s maybe 6.3 billion years old as well so yeah all right and the super interesting thing about good old Headey in the Hercules constellation it’s actually very sun-like which is the key thing that makes astronomers so curious about this signal in particular regardless of the numerous reasons for skepticism at 95 light-years that’s just a you know pop skipping away galactically speaking I mean it’s no second earth that one’s only like next door right in galactic terms it is if another civilization was there it would only take a hundred and ninety year turnaround to send and receive a message which again sounds like a long time but it’s really not when you’re talking civilizations trying to communicate across the vastness of space kinda like you know that those dots that show up when you know what someone’s texting only for like two centuries yeah that’s some plain hard to get the power and age of all Headey also make this potentially exciting at six point three billion years it’s fairly close again cosmically speaking to the age of our Sun which is around 4.6 billion plus it’s got these same metallic composition and it’s almost exactly the same size many scientists say that if it was possible for us to have solar twinzies it would be a heating so that means that if there’s a habitable planet in range right now we only know of one planet in the system that could be way too hot it’s feasible that a civilization there would be on a scale somewhat relatable to our own in terms of technology although to send a signal of this power across 95 light-years would put them way ahead of our own capabilities scientists have created a scale to measure the advancement of civilizations known as the Kardashev scale there are three types of civilizations according to a type one is able to fully use the resources of its planet which we almost are we’re almost up one type two is able to fully utilize the energy of its entire star and type three is able to fully fully use the energy of its galaxy on the scale we’re just below a one which is how stupid Kings are compared to what might be out there if that makes you feel a lot better if this alleged sick being directly to us that would make them a type-1 but if this really one broadcast sent in all directions the type of energy required what to put them in at least tech category – yeah that’s it’s much easier to send a directed signal to someone in particular but I’m assuming the reason that we speculate that it is a wide broad cast is because we’re moving so for still receiving things they have to know 190 years ago where we would be now granted that and plus I mean there’s there’s some wiggle room there when you’re talking about 95 light years if you’re firing out even a narrow beam communication by the time it gets that far out it’s gonna spread a bit it’s gonna come but it’s very strong which means that it’s if it is directed that it was a tighter beam that would have not spread as much that’s why I could actually reach us with a signal yeah regardless the proximity agent somewhat close technological capabilities would make this the trifecta of possible alien besties or frenemies well look don’t listen to lose it Stephen Hawking who says that they’re if they’re aliens they’re probably gonna come kill us I mean statistically speaking I would that’s not great so the idea that there may be signal coming from there at all is what’s got people so excited regardless of some of the evidence that’s been piling up against and evidence there is at the moment there’s quite a bit of reason for doubt for one we haven’t done the most basic principle of science we haven’t repeated the initial results as of yet the signal has not been observed again which is why it’s so problematic that these Russian astronomers broke protocol and didn’t share the signal immediately with others who could use better tools to verify you’re in Russia messed it up again a year and half later we might have missed a window this was perhaps a one-time signal in addition to the type of telescope used by the Russian astronomers is not ideally suited to observing this particular type of signal which some claim might have diluted it the type used also casts doubt about the exact origin points of this signal another problem yeah SETI has now pointed its better-equipped Allen telescope array in California plus another in Panama @pv to see if more activity happens indeed along totally make you happy make it happen eating oh he both of these especially from different angles would be able to help pinpoint any signal and give a better idea exactly where it was coming from over the last few days they haven’t seen anything but that’s not really different to proof that there’s nothing there other counter evidence against the signal is that it’s incredibly easy for terrestrial signals to mess with equipment here on earth it’s actually happened a number of times creating false alarms even the Russian Academy of Sciences where some of these findings originated said the most likely case was that this was however other astronomers have noted that nothing on earth is broadcasting at this particular frequency unless we’re talking about some crazy secret military stuff which again I guess is possible yeah command even the military likes reruns of I Love Lucy so they basically the TLDR of all this is scientists observe something interesting but don’t get your hopes up too much until we see it again because you know we’ve been through this whole song and dance before both of the original famous Wow signal in 1977 and even more recently with but the problem is all these reasons to doubt would be persistent even if we ever did see what was eventually determined to be a definitive alien signal sadly when it comes to space there’s actually very little of that we are able to understand because our knowledge is just too limited we’re still super new to this yeah so you know keep hope alive all you who want to believe is even if an alien signal bit us on the ass from super far away you know probably kind of what the same does as anything else well what do you guys think about the mysterious space signal the studies monitoring let us know in the comments and for future updates on the search for alien life like this video and subscribe to the know well let you know if we find him I really should have been wearing a tinfoil hat this whole thing we don’t have enough tinfoil for that there’s not enough tinfoil in this building he’s setting up a big head yes but also we don’t have a lot of tinfoil oh it’s like a one or two better man love will really break your heart one yeah so aliens

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