4 Ways to Fight Racism

Unfortunately Racism is Alive and Well

Racism is the false belief that one race is superior to another and that the races should be kept separate. Racism has been around for a very long time and is alive and well today in the 21st century. Enlightened people are always looking for ways to fight racism.

fight racismJews are seen by anti-Semitic people as being subhuman. But they also may hold the conflicting view that Jews are  devilishly cunning, powerful and behind the ‘international banking conspiracy’. Blacks and other people of color are often seen by white supremacists as subhuman; more like animals than people. Anti Muslim racism is currently popular in the United States as well as Western Europe.

But racist ideology is flat out willful ignorance. People, regardless of skin shade or ethnic background are really very much the same. They share the same kinds of hopes and dreams. Want the same things for their children. The truth is there is very little biological difference between the races.

Below are some ways to eliminate racism from our lives. Thank you to the fine folks at sociology.about.com for their excellent article concerning racism from which this information was curated. They have much more to say on the subject and you can read about it here.

” Be mindful of the commonalities that humans share, and practice empathy

Do not fixate on difference, though it is important to be aware of it and the implications of it, particularly as regards power and privilege. Remember that if any kind of injustice is allowed to thrive in our society, all forms can. We owe it to each other to fight for an equal and just society for all.

” If you see something, say something

Step in when you see racism occurring, and disrupt it in a safe way. Have hard conversations with others when you hear or see racism, whether explicit or implicit. Challenge racist assumptions by asking about supporting facts and evidence (in general, they do not exist). Have conversations about what led you and/or others to have racist beliefs.


” Learn about the racism that occurs where you live, and do something about it by participating in and supporting anti-racist community events, protests, rallies, and programs

For example, you could:

  • Support voter registration and polling in neighborhoods where people of color live, because they have historically been marginalized from the political process
  • Donate time and/or money to community organizations that serve youth of color
  • Mentor white kids on being anti-racist citizens who fight for justice
  • Support post-prison programs, because the inflated incarceration rates of black and Latino people lead to their long-term economic and political disenfranchisement
  • Support community organizations that serve those bearing the mental, physical, and economic costs of racism
  • Communicate with your local and state government officials and institutions about how they can help end racism in the communities they represent

” Vote for candidates who make ending racism a priority; vote for candidates of color

In today’s federal government, people of color remain disturbingly underrepresented. For a racially just democracy to exist, we must achieve accurate representation, and the governing of representatives must actually represent the experiences and concerns of our diverse populace.

Fighting racism is every ones duty. Thanks again to the people at sociology.about.com for their well written and important article. You can read the entire article, about Racism for more information about this important topic.

Video – Little Things You Can Do To Combat and Fight Racism

You have probably hear “I’m not a racist but” kind of statements. It never goes well if that is how it starts out. This short video is about starting a dialog.